Can You Take an RV to Burning Man?

Burning Man, the annual festival focused on creativity, art, individual expression, and community, has become one of the most popular go-to events in the United States. Situated in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, visitors camp out for days or weeks for the festivities. But, can you take an RV to Burning Man?

Yes, you can take an RV to Burning Man, so long as you follow the rules of the land. From generator use, to grey and black water dumps, to repairing and maintaining leaks, there are specific rules put in place to make sure RVers keep their neighbors happy, the festival fun, and the grounds clean. 

Let’s break down what RVers need to do while on the “Playa” of Burning Man!


There are no hookups on The Playa, so many RVers will need to rely on running the generator for electricity, and air conditioning. But, generators are notoriously noisy,  so make sure to park in an appropriate place as to not bother too many neighbors.

Running your generator for at least one hour per day is also suggested, to ensure your RV doesn’t run out of battery power, leaving you without electricity while in the middle of the desert! Running the generator will keep your battery working, and give you both comfort and peace of mind!

Continue to check the amount of gas you have in your tank, as generators share the fuel from the main gas tank to run; Don’t run the generator too much, as you’ll empty the tank!

Lastly, it’s a good idea to invest in an inverter before you make the trek out to Burning Man. Inverters allow you to store power from your generator, to be used after the generator is turned off, or store power from solar panels (if you have them)! To understand how an inverter works, and what’s available on the market, check out our helpful guide, “How Does an Inverter Work in An RV?” here.

Filling Up Your Water Tank

On “The Playa”, there are no hookups, nor is there any way to fill up your water tank. Make sure you fill up before making the journey to Black Rock Desert to ensure you’ll have enough to last the duration of your stay.

If you plan on staying for any extended length of time, you’ll need to ration fresh water carefully. Make sure you have enough to drink, shower, and wash dishes. It’s always a good idea to bring a few extra packs of bottled water, just in case you misjudged how much water you use; Water is an absolute necessity, so it’s better safe than sorry!

Beyond having enough water to drink, it’s likely you’ll be washing your body off more than you think: Burning Man is notorious for its surprise sand storms that engulf the entire camp. Many visitors wear goggles, hats, and kerchiefs to protect their face and eyes from the massive sand storms. Once they pass through, visitors are dirty from head to toe!

Make sure you have enough water to clean yourself off when needed.

Dumping Your Waste Tanks

Although the Burning Man grounds do not have traditional dump stations on The Playa, there are RV Service Trucks that roll around the RV area from 9am to 9pm. These trucks can pump out your grey and black water for a charge. Make sure to have cash on-hand, as no other forms of payment are accepted.

RV Service Trucks Fee are as follows:

  • Trailers up to 24′ = $50 [one black tank, and one grey tank dump]
  • Trailers from 25′-35′ = $60 [one black tank, and one grey dump]
  • Additional tanks = $30/tank

Leave No Trace

One of Burning Man’s main tenants is “Leave No Trace” when the festival ends and people make their journeys back home. This means, leave no trace of: Trash, waste, oil leakage, et cetera.

Simply: Just clean up after yourself and leave the area nicer than when you found it.

For RVers, this means putting an oil pan under your RV when parked- just in case there is any oil leaking under the carriage. And make sure you don’t dump out any grey water or black water, unless it’s pumped by the RV Service Trucks.

RVers will be cited if caught trying to flout the rules and dump any tank out on The Playa, so make sure to follow the rules.

Final Thoughts

Going to Burning Man is an unforgettable experience! Visitors experience art, music, installations, dancing, and so much more at this annual festival.

RVers are welcome so long as they follow the simple rules set in place, ensuring everyone’s stay is equally as enjoyable!

If you plan on bringing your rig to The Playa, make sure to: Run your generator for one hour per day, invest in an inverter, fill up- and ration- your fresh water, make use of the RV Service Trucks on-sight, and Leave No Trace.

If you’re interested in going to Burning Man, check out their site here.

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