Camper Trailer Theft: Prevention Tactics

Camper trailer theft has become a serious concern to those who adore the camping lifestyle and traveling. It only takes minutes (if not seconds) for a thief to steal your trailer from the camping site, driveway, or the garage if you don’t put the security measures in place and make it a harder target. So, are you taking the proper prevention tactics to keep your camper trailer safe?

Here are the 12 best camper theft prevention tactics to keep your trailer safe from would-be burglars:

  1. Invest in trailer locks

  2. Lock your safety chains together

  3. Chain your trailer

  4. Connect an alarm to your camper

  5. Install high-quality cameras

  6. Try solar motion sensor lights

  7. Don’t forget a GPS tracker

  8. Discreetly mark your trailer

  9. Change the locks of factory-built campers

  10. Secure your camper when in storage

  11. Avoid temptations

  12. Insure your camper and its contents

Let’s take a deeper look at these camper trailer theft prevention tactics to discover how they might help you keep your camper secure both in storage or at the camping site.

1. Invest in Trailer Locks

While some of these locks are defeatable, an opportunistic thief would look at all the many layers of security you’ve implemented and pass on for an easy target.

Wheel Locks

Consider a wheel lock that clips onto the tires of your camper, preventing the wheel from rotating. Check the  Wheel Clamp Security Tire Lock (from Amazon). This wheel clamp makes it harder for someone to drag your trailer off since the wheel won’t roll.

However, It’s good to note that the wheel lock might do you no good since the lug nuts are exposed.

A thief might take off the lug nuts and remove the tire. Therefore, incorporate the locking lug locks with the wheel lock so that it’s not easy to remove the tire.

Instead, you can opt for a boot lock that covers your entire wheel and prevents access to the lug nuts. I recommend Anti-Theft Lock Clamp Boot (available on The wheel lock is made from strong steel, making it resistant to cutting or sawing.

Hitch Locks

Hitch locks are simple ways to prevent trailer theft. The trick is that you should use the ball and hitch pin locks together.

A coupler lock is placed on the receiver of your trailer, and it makes it impossible for a thief to attach your trailer to their truck.

The hitch pin lock works great with the coupler lock to prevent the hitch from being released.

Although the ball and hitch pin locks are an added layer of security, they can quickly be taken off with bolt cutters.

That’s why I recommend the Proven Industries Model Trailer Lock (available on This lock is made of thick, hardened steel, and it is designed to enclose your trailer tongue completely.

The big bonus is that you can lock your safety chains as well.

Cable Locks

Thieves can take off the tire when you are using the wheel lock alone. Thus, if you have a spare tire, use cable locks as an extra deterrent to prevent thieves from stealing the spare tire and using it as a replacement. This adds an extra layer of security to your camper trailer system.

2. Lock Your Safety Chains Together

Even though you may have a coupler and hitch lock on, a thief might utilize your tow chains. They might hook them up to their truck and steal your trailer.

Thus, it is a good idea to wrap the chains around the trailer neck until they are tight and there is no slack, then put a padlock through them to make it impossible for a thief to steal your camper.

3. Chain Your Trailer

You can secure your camper to some immovable object (such as a post driven deep on the ground or a strong structure in your house) using strong chains or cable. Use a padlock that is not easy to cut to secure the chains.

This makes it harder for a criminal to disconnect your trailer and move it.

4. Connect an Alarm to Your Camper

Once an intruder triggers the alarm, the siren will be set off, and in most cases, this is enough to scare off potential thieves. Besides, the full-blown siren will alert you at night or your neighbors.

You can place the alarms on the camper windows and doors. Ideally, you’ll place an alarm at every possible point of entry.

5. Install High-Quality Cameras

High-quality cameras help you to protect your camper. And if someone does try to break into your trailer, you’ll have recorded footage of the criminal. That way, you have a chance to report the attempted break-in to the police.

If you have a dedicated hotspot while camping, consider a wireless camera system where you can access videos in real-time. Besides, most wireless cameras have night vision.

Consider getting high-quality cameras because they will record car tag numbers and get a good face of anyone around your camper.

I recommend the 3G/4G LTE Security Camera System (from It has excellent audio and video quality, and it allows for nighttime security using its infrared LEDs.

Additionally, it works well in areas where there is limited or no wifi access. And the best part is that you can talk interactively and scare off would-be thieves when you are off the camping site.

6. Try Solar Motion Sensor Lights

When someone approaches your camper, the sensor-activated lights turn on. The lights startle potential thieves, and they might run away to avoid being caught. Besides giving you overnight security, they allow you to navigate and enjoy your outdoor space at night.

Some solar motion lights are designed to send you an alert once the motion sensors are activated.

7. Don’t Forget a GPS Tracker

It’s a good idea to add an active hidden GPS tracker that can be activated by the movements of your camper. While taking a hike, you can receive a signal on your phone app letting you know that your trailer is moving and it’s location.

This way, you’ll be able to contact the authority, and you can actively follow the movements of your camper in real-time.

Remember, a tracker won’t help if it is dead. So, replace the batteries of your tracker regularly. Also, every month, you should test to ascertain whether you can locate it.

8. Discreetly Mark Your Trailer

It’s essential to identify your trailer and recover it as quickly as possible in case it is ever stolen.


Adding large numbers or letters, stamping, or engraving markings on several sections makes your camper stand out. This could work as a bit of a theft deterrent since it adds more work for the thief to scrape off, conceal the markings, or sell the camper. Plus, it makes it easy to identify your trailer if it was ever stolen.


Don’t forget to place some of the markings in places that aren’t conspicuous.

Also, you can go a step further to make your trailer unique by painting it a striking color or adding a mural. The small techniques that draw significant attention are the ones that keep opportunistic thieves away.

9. Change the Locks of Factory Built Campers

Most factory-built camper trailers come with standard keys to the doors and storage bays. This means that your keys can open someone else’s camper and vice versa.


Thus, changing the locks on your camper door and the storage areas is one way to improve security while camping.


I recommend RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle (available on Amazon). It makes it easy to access your trailer without carrying your keys. Besides, you can enjoy your hike. Rest assured that no intruder will get into your camper using their keys.

10. Secure Your Camper When in Storage

Most thieves watch and learn your routine and wait for the window of opportunity to arise to steal your trailer.

Here are tips that you can follow to secure your camper when at home or in storage.


  • Lock your gate and secure your trailer as well. If you have the luxury of a garage, a camper pod, or a big backyard with a fence, park your trailer in it and lock the area. However, don’t forget to secure your camper using wheel locks and strong cables. Locking your gate is not enough. A criminal can cut the fence and drag your trailer away.

  • Limit access to your trailer. Pin your trailer against something, then park your car in front of it to make it difficult for a criminal to drag it out.

  • Take the tires off. If you are not using your camper trailer for a while, take the tires off.

11. Avoid Temptations

Naturally, people are curious. If your camper windows are open, they instinctively want to peep inside. A potential thief may be tempted to steal when they see equipment, such as televisions, laptops, and stereos.

While it is excellent to aerate your camper, keep your valuables out of sight, especially if you’re not around. Lock the windows and pull the shades or curtains.

12. Insure Your Camper and Its Contents

While it is not compulsory to insure your camper, you might still consider camper insurance for your peace of mind. Besides, you’ve already invested a fair amount of money in purchasing your camper trailer.

However, be sure that your choice of policy has camper replacement in case of an accident or theft. Besides, it’s a good idea to opt for a policy that offers a replacement of the content of your trailer.

Remember to understand every detail of your insurance policy. For example, some policies do not cover theft if your camper is stolen when in storage. Also, if you make a mistake on your insurance, you can be underinsured or overpay.

Bonus Tip: If you are using locks, have them in a combination set so that they will be keyed the same.

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