5 Small Trailers to Live In (for Under $25,000!)

Small Trailers to Live In

Living in a camper doesn’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of options available if you’re in search of a simple and inexpensive camper to serve as a mortgage-free home or for camping trips.

Scouring the internet you’ll be able to find many trailers for reasonable prices, especially is you’re willing to purchase used campers. If they’ve been well-maintained by the previous owners, you can often get a lot of bang for your buck!

But if you’re interested in buying a camper right off the lot, here we’ll show you five of our favorite small trailers to live in for under $25,000!

Armadillo Trailer

This little camper is sturdy and compact. Armadillo Trailers are 13.5′ in length, sleeps 2 people comfortably, and weighs approximately 1800 lbs (before you add in your belongings).

Armadillo trailers start as a base price of $19,500. Amenities for the base option include a portable two-burner stove, ice box, stainless steel sink, 12-volt lighting, a water pump, a 38-liter water tank and both 12-volt and 110 volt outlets.

The base option is functional, but if you’re looking for a bit more comfort, Armadillo trailers offer two more options for additional costs: The “Comfort Package” and the “Comfort Plus Package”.

The “Comfort Package” upgrades many of the features from the base model, as well as includes additions, such as: a two-burner electric Dometic stove, a Nova-Kool fridge/freezer, 12000 BTU furnace for warmth, Thetford portable toilet, fire extinguisher, LED porch light, bluetooth stereo system and a Fantastic fan for ventilation and airflow.

These additions will up the price from $19,500 to $23,000. 

The last option Armadillo offers is the “Comfort Plus Package” priced at $26,265, putting you slightly over $25,000. Like the “Comfort Package”, the “Comfort Plus” includes many of the same features but improves them and/or provides additions, including: an exterior shower, 38 liter water tank, stabilizer jacks, and awning.

To keep the pricing down around $25,000 with the base unit, Armadillo trailers offers each amenity (toilets, external shower, fridge/freezer, etc.) available for individual purchase.

Having the option to purchase these extra features individually- or add them yourself later at an even cheaper price point- can help keep costs down, and gives you more financial flexibility.

Happier Camper Trailer

One of the most unique ideas for camper trailer design, the Happier Camper is modular: The interior layout is easily changed to fit your particular lifestyle by individual modules (“cubes”) placed in any way you decide.

Take a look at the video to see just how unique this camper trailer is!

Happier Campers come in two designs: The HC1 and the HTC.

The HC1’s base price is set at $24,950 and is a very basic, “bare bones” shell. From there, you can build your camper by purchasing modular components individually, depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Although the base option is under $25,000, the downside is that building the camper for comfortable living will add more to the total cost. For example, adding a “fridge cube with a countertop” would increase the price by $1335. (You can build out your own Happier Camper here to estimate your total cost).

The second option available is the HTC: Large enough to install a wetbath, kitchen and counter, however these modular components are also purchased separately. Unfortunately, without any extra features, the HTC model starts at $39,950- a very  expensive option which doesn’t include even the basics to provide comfort or living capability.

Happier Campers allow the freedom to creatively design your living quarters, but unlike many other trailers on the market, many necessities are not included in the base price.

Brand Length Base Price Sleeps Weight (Dry)
Scamp (Standard) 16′ $16,395 1 – 4 1750 – 2000 lbs
Armadillo Trailer 13.5′ $19,500 1 – 2 1800 lbs
Happier Camper 10′ $24,950 1 – 5 3500 lbs
InTech RV Luna Lite 15.5′ $17,000 1 – 2 1700 – 1850 lbs
Travel Lite Falcon 13.5′ $17,990 1 – 2 1690 lbs

Scamp Trailer

Scamp trailers are a popular, truly affordable option for full-time living. Scamps are available in 13′, 16′, and 19′ length campers, all under $25,000.

The base price for the 16′ Scamp starts at $16,395. Although most amenities (like a toilet, bathroom, kitchen) do not come standard in the base model, adding these into the design is still an inexpensive option.

Check out the base model and additional options for the 16′ Scamp here.

Comfortable, lightweight, and compact, Scamps are well-known trailers among RVers.

Scamps still remain one of the cheaper trailer options on the market, adding to their popularity.

Purchasing extra features separately from the base model increases the price, but the base cost is so low that even with new additions, the total price remains much lower than many of its competitors.

InTech RV Luna Lite

The InTech Luna Lite is a small, but sleek, camper. Lightweight (1750-1800 lbs dry weight), this trailer can be towed by trucks, as well as smaller cars.

The base price of the Luna Lite is set at $17,000, with standard features including: a MaxAir vent, bluetooth speakers, 32″ TV, storage cabinets, pantry cabinet, farmhouse style sink, two-burner stainless steel sink, and a 40 quart 12 volt cooler.

Like most other campers on the market, additional features and amenities like a microwave, fireplace or awning are available, but will increase the total cost.

Chair seating in the Luna Lite converts into a futon bed which sleeps two comfortably. And extra storage is cleverly hidden away under the floor, keeping the interior feeling clean and uncluttered.

Be aware that this camper seems best suited for those who enjoy the outdoors, as the total height is 4’6″, limiting standing capabilities, and the kitchen is outside at the rear.

Cooking, dish cleaning, and even microwaving food are all done in the great outdoors, leaving more room inside the camper. This design makes the interior of the camper more spacious, however, for some this might be more daunting than enjoyable, so make sure your trailer matches your personal lifestyle.

Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite

Another small travel trailer, the Falcon F-Lite comes in at 13.5″ in length, 6’1″ in height, and can sleep two comfortably.

Base pricing for this model starts at $17,990, and includes: a two-burner stove, kitchen sink, cabinets, power vent, 20 lb propane tank, furnace, 18 gallon fresh water tank, 15 gallon grey tank, 15 gallon black tank, awning, exterior speakers, deep cycle battery, electric/propane refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning, and a wet bath (toilet/shower area).

This camper includes most amenities in the base price, and is ready to drive off the lot without modifications or additions that would increase the cost!

Although the kitchen comes complete with a stove, fridge, and sink, know that it lacks an oven due to limited space. But that doesn’t mean off-grid baking is out of reach…

Many RVers use a collapsible oven in lieu of a traditional RV oven! The most popular, space-saving, and inexpensive option is the Coleman Camp Oven. This allows you to bake muffins, cake, bread, vegetables- and when you’re done, it folds up flat and allows for easy storage!

For a camper as compact as the Falcon F-Lite, a collapsible oven might be the perfect option; Just fold it up and store it flat in a cabinet for later use!

Coleman Camping Oven for small RVs

Check It Out on Amazon

The Falcon F-Lite is compact, but unlike many others on the market of the same size, it comes complete and off-grid ready!

And, due to its small size and dry weight (1690 lbs), you can tow this camper with a many regular sized vehicles instead of needing a standard truck.

For all its included amenities and low base price, the Falcon Lite is the most cost-effective choice when comparing all five of these small campers to live in.


There are plenty of small, affordable campers available on the market that will cost you less than $25,000. On your search for an inexpensive home on wheels, make sure you take into account your personal lifestyle to find which best suits your needs!

Some campers, like the Luna Lite, will best suit the more “outdoorsy” adventurer, while the Scamp may best fit those who prefer to have creature comforts within the trailer. There’s a camper design to fit everyone’s preferences!

If you’re still torn on what kind of RV to purchase, check out our helpful guide, What Kind of RV Should I Buy

Remember to check out used RVs from local dealerships and private sellers, too. If a trailer is used, but well-maintained, there’s a good possibility you can find the perfect camper for you at a great discount.

Looking for small campers that can fit in a garage? Check out our post here.

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